The wine is an act of creation that reflects the personality of the winemaker who transmits a part of his character.”

The great challenge of any producer is to obtain the maximum capacity of the grapes in the cellar, which is defined throughout the process of transformation, giving life to wines that seduce us with their freshness, delicacy and elegance.

Each wine assumes its own identity, a reflection of the vineyard that gave rise to it and of the detailed and detailed knowledge of each parcel of land. Year after year we have perfected the winemaking process in order to continually our quality standards.

The result of this commitment and dedication are wines that represent the terroir exceptional in the region of Alenquer, praised and appreciated nationally and internationally for its charmand expressiveness.

Fichas técnicas vinhos


Pintarola Branco
Pintarola Rose
Pintarola Tinto
Pintarola Dandy | Premium Tinto 2016
Pintarola Reserva Tinto | Vinhas Velhas 2013
Pintarola Espumante | Reserva Bruto