Wine Philosophy

Wine Philosophy


With a unique microclimate and topography, a soil rich in minerals and the Sun de Portugal, we present the perfect terroir for healthy ripening of the grapes.

Alenquer assumes the most prominence in the winemaking panorama of the Lisbon Region, not only by the area of occupied vineyard but mainly by the prestige of its wines.
The microclimate with strong Atlantic influence, the topography of steep slopes protected by the Mountain of Montejunto, clay- calcareous soils , created an impressive diversity of terroirs that allow to give unique expressions to the castes. It meets the ideal conditions for the production of aromatic white wines, full and persistent in taste, and vinous wines, balanced, alive and bright.

The Mountain of Montejunto gives a protection of the North wind, favoring the heating of the lands, the vineyards extend between plateaus and hillsides, with several expositions, benefiting from organoleptic advantages exceptional, growth and enrichment of the grape. The final product is the reflection of this authenticity, combining the tradition with a young and innovative methodology, creating wines with character and personality.


2 generations, which reflect the experiences of a side-by-side work.

José César Inácio,with a long career in leading companies in the wine sector, with more than 30 grapevines and more than 30 years’ experience in wine production, along with Nuno Falle Inácio, also an enologist, an eternal passionate about the world of wine and with more than 10 years of experience in the area, was the mentor of the Pintarola Project, after implementing, over 8 years of work, the Montejunto brand, a reference in the restoration of the city of Lisbon.

Our idea is to innovate what Tradition is. Building progress with the knowledge of our grandparents is like walking on the shoulders of giants.” (Nuno)

It is from tradition that everything is born and begins to take form.

José César and Nuno accompany the planting of vineyards; watch closely the whole wine making process. It is in the vineyard that the process of creation begins with a complex interaction between man, vine, soil and climate.

“O The quality standard that sets us apart begins in the vineyard.” (José César)

From sustainable agriculture in the resource optimization and monitoring of permanent field follows – if the integrated production method prevailing minimal intervention, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Knowledge becomes knowledge, taste becomes passion, intuition turns into distinct and competitive projects.

Truly linked to our culture, but also the creation of new wines, different profiles in the commitment of new challenges, adjusted to the tendencies, the choices and preferences of the consumers.

We apply scientific knowledge in the treatment of vines, in the quality of the grapes, in the transport to the winery and finally we ensure the whole subsequent process of which the wine will result, through a careful intervention in the cellar, letting the intuition pronounce itself whenever necessary.