Who We Are

Who We Are


For Quinta D ‘Rangel, wine is a passion and a tradition that has to be shared.

It is the third generation of a family that has always had a strong connection with the land, with special focus on agriculture in the wine sector, mainly in the wine region of Lisbon (former Extremadura), the sub-region of Alenquer, one of the nine Regions of Origin.

Harvesting and wine production are already part of the family tradition, and it is in 2008, by entrepreneurship of Nuno Falle Inácio, who bet on the restructuring of the business, with the establishment of the company Quinta D’ Rangel , a solid project of commercialization of our own brands produced amongst a resilient and united family.

Joana and Maria, their sisters, from different professional paths, Joana in Tourism and Maria in the field of fashion, are also part of the project and together promote the interception of ideas and life ambitions culminating in goals and in the company’s path. They’ve always lived and experienced the wine culture, the senses, smells, aromas and poetry.

Especially inspired by his roots, his parents, Maria Manuela and José César Inácio, of strong entrepreneurial and visionary spirit.
José César Inácio, a master in winemaking, a special know-how of such varied themes and a way of life as unique as the identity of the wines he produces.


As winegrowers and caregivers of our land, it is our responsibility to maintain the health of our vineyards, preserving the integrity of our land, with the purpose of producing the best wines with distinction and identity, for value creation and competitiveness, a principle that always accompanied the vision of Quinta D ‘Rangel.

We believe in responsible/sustainable agriculture, in harmony with nature, in which true transformation reflects the essence of the terroir and gives life to the expressiveness of the place where the grapes were grown.

We value the family’s long wine tradition, reconciling the traditional winemaking practices with the technological processes in the winery, in order to obtain the full potential of the grape. The entire process is integrated into the company’s marketing strategy:

  • Decades of experience
  • Innovation and Tradition
  • Consistent high quality winemaking
  • Wines with designation of origin
  • Design of eye-catching labels and packaging
  • Wine gastronomy and tourism
  • National Distribution Network
  • Competitive prices
  • Export-ready
Quinta do Rangel - Who We Are

The team is composed of restless, dynamic people who embrace change as a way of being. All the works like what is good, spontaneous, and different.

The people involved in this project are passionate about life, the power of the senses and the uniqueness, the same ingredients of the wine they produce.